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    São Martinho de Anta in the heart of the Douro region, home of the writer Miguel Torga, and near Sabrosa, birthplace of Fernao de Magalhaes, the famous navigator.



    The county of Sabrosa, with the area of 180 km2, belongs to the district of Vila Real and the group of 13 municipalities that make up the Alto Douro Wine Region, recently raised by the UNESCO World Heritage.


    The region where they implanted the county shows clear signs of having been inhabited since ancient times. There are traces that date from the Neolithic period, as are the many funerary monuments, or dolmens, type mamoa.


    Currently, the county of Sabrosa is composed of 15 parishes. The Demarcated Region of the Generous Wines is composed by: Celeirós do Douro, Covas do Douro, Gouvães do Douro, Gouvinhas, Paços, Paradela, Guiães, Provesende, Sabrosa, São Cristovão do Douro, São Martinho de Anta, Souto Maior and Vilarinho of São Romão. From the Region of the Douro Virgin wines are part the “Parada de Pinhão”, São Lourenço de Ribapinhão and Torre do Pinhão.


    It was this once narrow and troubled river that brought prosperity to the region, as the casks full of the precious nectar, Port Wine, used to be transported downstream. In past centuries, the river was a challenge and a danger to those who sailed on it with strong and fast currents, rapids and tricky, half submersed rocks. At that time, only a small wooden boat – Rabelo boat – could sail this waters and take the wine from the Douro valley until the mouth of the river, where on both riverbanks are located the towns of Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia.



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